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May Speaker Series: Dr. Negar Fani

April Speaker Series: Dr. Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam

March Speaker Series: Norouz Social Event

February Speaker Series: Dr. Amir Rezvani

January 12, 2021: IRNSC Social Event alongside SfN Global Connectome Virtual Event

This year’s SfN virtual event (Global Connectome) is scheduled to take place January 11-13th . We are please to announce that our social event will be scheduled for January 12th at 6pm CST / 4pm PST / 7pm EST. See below for scheduling details.


Event Introduction: Laili Boozary

Announcements and News: Shaghayegh Navabpour

Speaker Series Kickoff w/ Q&A: Dr. Mahmoud Kiaei

Virtual Group Mingling & Breakout Rooms

Closing Remarks

IRNSC Travel Awards 2019

This year IRNSC is pleased to announce two travel awards of $500 each. These awards are offered to one student and one postdoctoral research fellow who will be presenting their research paper at SfN in October 2019 in Chicago. Iranian neuroscience graduate students and postdocs who have submitted an abstract for oral or poster presentation and will be attending the 2019 SfN annual meeting, are eligible to apply for these awards.

To be considered for the awards, applicants should be in good standing for his/her membership dues (Link). Applicants should provide a short CV (maximum 2 pages) along with a one-page summary of their research. The CV should provide information about the applicant’s academic background, publications, honors and awards, teaching experiences and any outreach or leadership abilities, plus a copy of the original abstract submitted for the SfN meeting along with the corresponding reference number, and two letters of reference all merged into a single PDF file. The research summary should be written in lay language so it is understandable to our selection committee members with a wide range of different academic backgrounds.

The applications should be sent to IRNSC’s email address ( by Monday September 30th. All eligible applications will be processed and reviewed by IRNSC’s review committee, and award recipients will be announced by the second week of October. These awards will be officially presented at the IRNSC social event.

SfN 2019 Social Event and Dinner

Please join your colleagues and friends at

Date & Time: Monday, October 21, 2019 8pm – 10pm

Location: Reza Restaurant, 5255 N Clark St. Chicago

The 14th Iranian Neuroscientists’ Annual Social Meeting aims to facilitate and encourage networking and scientific collaborations among the expanding community of Iranian neuroscientists. The event is open to all conference registrants, exhibitors, and their guests, and will be held at a local restaurant in Chicago. Details of the venue will be confirmed by email and posted on the website. During dinner, winners of travel awards will be announced and certificates and prizes will be presented.


Nazanin Mirzaei, PhD


Phone: 1(818)584-4433

Kashan University is hosting IRNSC member

Addiction as a Treatable Brain Disease is the title speech that Amir Rezvani, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences from Duke University presenting in Kashan University.

More on Amir’s work here

SfN 2017 Social Event

Please join your colleagues and friends at

Date & Time: Monday, November 13, 2017 , 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Location: Renaissance Washington, DC

Downtown Hotel , Room 4

Sponsored By: IRNSC members The 12th

Iranian Neuroscientists’ Annual Social Meeting will facilitate and encourage scientific and social interactions among the expanding community of Iranian neuroscientists. This social is open to all conference registrants, exhibitors, and their guests. This annual social event will continue with a dinner gathering at a local restaurant offsite in DC area

The annual cognitive neuroscience competition for high school students (CNCH)

The third annual cognitive neuroscience competition for high school students (CNCH) was held at the Allame Heli high school in October 2017. Thirty teams out of a total of 300 teams from all over the country were accepted to participate in the last stage of the competition. Five teams were selected as the final top winners based on an evaluation by a distinguished nine-member jury.

The teams consisting of biology and math students and had one year to study and review the literature related to cognitive sciences and to come up with a novel idea to carry out their research. The aim was to encourage interdisciplinary activities from the very start among the students.

A wide variety of basic activities from neuroscience to electronics, statistical analysis, and computer programming were carried out all by the students themselves and the results are quite impressive. We hope these talented future scientists will get the recognition they deserve from our outstanding Iranian neuroscientist association abroad. Let’s enjoy their achievements!!”

Here is the link of the report on the first one on the Backyard brains website. We also attached a few of their amazing work.

Adnan Hamedsoltani, Mohammadamin Hassanzadeh, Nima Nazaribagha, Amirreza Siahkoohi- Shahid Beheshti 1School Team, Ardabil, Iran. [Link]

Payman Afghari, Armin Sadr Ameli, Mohammadyousef Soleimani, Mohammad Mahdi Kazemi, Mohammad Mhedi Bazargan, and MohammadReza Khabazian- Shahid Ezhehie High Scholl, Isfahan, Iran [Link]

Paria Asadi , Dorsa Eslaminia, Negin Farokhi , Shahrzad Javidi , and Fatemeh Salarinezhad [Link]

A.R. Farbakhsh, N. Hosnkholg, M. Naji, A.R. Abaszadeh, S. Ghahremannejad, and M. Faraji,- Madani2, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan, Iran [Link]

Fatemeh Kakae, Sogol Kermanian, Elahe Mohammadi, and Sadaf Rahimi [Link]

Mahsa Chaharda masoumi, Kianaz Keshavarz Rad, Melika Naderi Navaz, Mohadese Saneian, Paria Mehrbod, and Zahra Shabani- Farzanegan Amin-3 Isfahan, Iran. [Link]

The 11th Iranian Neuroscientists Community (IRNSC) Meeting

The social meeting will be held at SfN’s annual meeting in San Diego, on November 13th, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM. The goal is to facilitate and encourage scientific and social interactions among the expanding community of Iranian Neuroscientist. This social is open to all conference registrant, exhibitors, and other guests. The evening event will continue with dinner at one of a Persian restaurant.

Social Event 2010

Social Event 2011

Social Event 2018